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At the South � East of the gulf of Alghero there is a small port at Porto Conte named � Porto Conte Marina� situated in the neighbourhood to the areas of Capo Caccia and Punta Giglio. This area is considered to be the most important place of Mediterranean because of the large concentration of various submerged caves of all kinds, rich in great varieties of marine fauna, flora and fauna.
The Bay of Porto Conte is considered the most natural port of the Mediterranean Sea. It measures 6 km in length and 2,5 km in width. The coast is formed of small inlets, partially submerged caves , crags and the long beautiful �Mugoni� beach.

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The depths of the bay is a natural oasis of restocking, especially for some valuable species of fish, thanks to the presence of �Posidonia Oceanica � which oxygenates these coasts giving the marine fauna the possibility of revitalisation. The Gulf of Porto Conte (which Romans had exploited as the excellent natural port) used to be called by the geographer Tolomeo " Portus Nympharum" � the Bay of the Nymphs, for its calm, shades of green and blue extraordinary transparent waters. – At the Marina of Porto Conte, there is a small harbour , situated in the south east of the gulf, north east of the island of Sardinia ., From which you can quickly reach areas of Capo Caccia and Punta Giglio, considered among the most important Mediterranean to the largest concentration of caves of all kinds and the spectacular wealth of life of those Submerged.

To name the most majestic and most frequented cave in the whole of the Mediterranean Sea � Grotta di Nereo� Nereos cave, which is the largest and the most beautiful underwater cave With its total of 550 meters, boasting enchanting views of 7 entrances lying at different depths, underwater passageways, tunnels and archways. A minimum of three immersions are needed to visit the whole cave.

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Other spectacular caves are: �Grotte del Tunnel o del Sifone� in the zone of �Sommergibile� (as its shape is similar to a submarine) with the overhung limestone rock of 35 meters that creates a wonderful canyon with the wall of Capo Caccia, nearby there are also the Grotta del Cabirol and Grotte di Nettuno.– Other spectacular caves to visit are: �Punta Salinetto� , �Dei Portici� close to �Grotta dei Cerianthus� habitat of enormous and shy groupers, finally �Grotta Belvedere� � all of them situated on the marvellous �Foradada Island� , famous for its enormous passer-by cave.


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